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Title Searches for Commercial Properties

Commercial real estate transactions can be incredibly complex, involving months of research and piles of paperwork. Add zoning concerns and multiple owners to the mix and it’s no surprise that obtaining and managing clear documentation for commercial properties can be challenging. But, with Title Leader’s innovative SMART Dashboard™, your team’s title search needs can now be managed in a fully-automated, easy-to-use interface.

Generate Title Reports with Ease

Foreclosure law firms, in particular, are all too familiar with the stress surrounding the title search. While your clients are eagerly awaiting closing, this part of the process is often the stage that delays their hopes. The title search is one element of the buying process that’s difficult to grasp. In fact, according to the National Realtor Association, the title search accounts for 9% of closing delays.

A commercial real estate title search can help with this process by unveiling if a property has any active documents associated with its title (e.g. liens, mortgages, easements, etc.). Unfortunately, many title searches only scratch the surface of a property’s public records. 

Title Leader is designed specifically for law firms who handle high volumes of title searches – primarily for foreclosure firms serving tax lien investors. Unlike other national search vendors who only offer automated ordering, Title Leader automates all of the title-search management tasks (including data entry), saving your company hundreds of hours in administrative costs.

Avoid Common Title Search Issues

Business owners should understand that a title to real estate, unlike titles to other assets such as automobiles, is not determined by a single document. Rather, the real estate property title is determined by the entire collection of documents (also known as a “chain of title”) that affect a particular property. 

Unfortunately, the search systems in most counties are very literal when it comes to naming syntax. For instance, a search for “ABC Corp.” may produce very different results than “ABC Incorporated.” Though slight, this difference can mean the difference between an efficient, profitable search and costly, serious title issues.

The title search process plays a vital role in the success of title work and automation is the best way to make this process as efficient as possible. Automation has been introduced in most industries as digitalization takes hold of many workflows. Real estate is no exception. With workflow automation, complex title searches are a thing of the past.

Leveraging Title Search Automation 

for Your Business

Real estate lawyers were previously able to speed up their title search by turning towards national title vendors that provide automated ordering. However, this process is tedious and benefits the vendor more than your own company. 

Automation, like that offered by Title Leader, can streamline mandatory, profit-dragging management tasks — saving your company time and administrative costs. With automation, you can upload a spreadsheet of your search requests and walk away while we do the heavy lifting!

Our one-of-a-kind software accumulates all steps and processes into a singular interface and helps reduce significant pain points that are common in the management of the title search process. For more information about how to automate your title search, please contact us today!