If you operate in real estate, you know how many hours are sunk into title production services. One of the most time-consuming responsibilities is the title search itself.

The meticulous record-keeping, requesting information, managing billing and invoices, so on, and so forth…

In this digital age, mountains of paperwork should be a thing of the past. So, it’s no wonder there’s software out there to streamline your title production service operations and save you hours of tedious work. 

There are many benefits to relying on technology for this process. So, in this article, we’re diving into the ways you can optimize your title searches.

The Tedious Steps of Title Production Services

Suppose you’re a law firm handling high volumes of properties and title searches. In that case, you are likely familiar with the traditional 11-step process of managing title production services.

These consist of:

  1. Ordering
  2. Tracking
  3. Receiving
  4. Assessing
  5. Storing
  6. Finding
  7. Communication
  8. Invoice receipt
  9. Invoice review
  10. Invoice payment
  11. Property reports

This process is generally tedious and consists of a lot of admin tasks that get repetitive and time-consuming.

While many industries consider this process an unfortunate but necessary part of the job, title production software proves the opposite.

These tasks can be easily streamlined and automated, freeing up agents to work on more critical tasks and providing a better service.

The traditional process also frequently relies on national title search vendors, who keep the data entry for searches in their system before transferring information to you.

In contrast, title production software lets you upload a spreadsheet of requests and handles the rest for you.

What Is Title Production Services Software?

Technology can successfully help streamline the title search management process. Title Leader is one example of such software that can optimize your processes and save you time.

The software tool is an automated platform that condenses the title-search process into one interface.

This allows you to manage all paperwork from one dashboard and manage invoicing, billing, search requests, and contacts in just a few clicks.

Even communications with abstractors can happen in the software, so your team can cut down its time on admin tasks.

In other words, title production services can go as far as to replace title search companies for your law firm. If you handle high volumes of properties, the cost of title searches and admin time quickly mounts up.

If you are outsourcing these services, title production software may be able to cut out the middleman and supply you with faster and more accurate searches for your operation.

The Greatest Benefits of Using Title Production Software

We’ve already touched on the fact software can simplify the closing process. But more specifically, here are some of the most significant advantages to your organization when you use title production software:

Improve Your Record Keeping

Both homebuyers and your clients appreciate being kept in the loop when it comes to the closing process. Your organization absolutely can’t afford to lose any records or take too long to dig them out of a pile of paperwork.

It’s the digital age, so you can achieve better client satisfaction by transferring important documents across in a timely fashion.

Title production software helps with your record-keeping by maintaining everything on file. You can easily search through your library of documents and always have the correct information at hand.

As you spend less time finding and processing documents, you’ll also have more time to put into stellar customer service.

Close Quicker

Digital closing solutions make rummaging through papers obsolete, so no more printing, signing, and stacking files.

Your team won’t get held up by admin tasks with easily accessed documentation, communications, and automated invoicing and billing.

This allows for speedier responses from your organization that can, in turn, lead to quicker closing times.

Not only will word spread that you can get the job done in record time, but you’ll also simply have more time to move on to new clients (and make more money.)

Less Room for Error

When everything is streamlined and automated in one interface, it’s much more difficult to get confused about where in the process things are at.

The best title production software will also notify your team when action is required, so they won’t fall behind on anything.

Because all of your information is kept in a straightforward dashboard, it’s also easier to stay updated on property transactions. More clarity leads to more accurate title searches.

Grow Operations With Fewer Staff

Another significant advantage is that you can grow your business without hiring extra hands.

This software can put your current team on auto-pilot and cut down on a lot of tedious and repetitive work that would otherwise have to be done by a team member.

In other words, you can get that extra help in the form of technology, even if you don’t have the funds or need to hire a new employee.

This allows you to grow your business for less and expand your revenue without further complication in your operations. Software is more scaleable.

It will streamline more searches and title production services just as quickly as it handles your current requirements.

Grow and Streamline Your Operations With Title Production Services

Title production services don’t have to be difficult to provide or obtain for your law firm with Title Leader’s title production software.

Title Leader is the first of its kind software. It provides everything you need to handle high volumes of contracts from one dashboard. You can manage all record-keeping, search progress, and communications with contractors. 

In short, you cut out the middleman, which enables you to grow your operations without hiring extra help. Check out our services and contact us today to learn more about what Title Leader has to offer.