About Us

With over 65 years of title experience, we understand your title ordering/handling problems you face daily. Monroe is a former Title/Escrow Co. owner of 15yrs and before that a bank president, and banker for 15yrs. He solved these title ordering/handling problems for himself by creating Title Leader’s automation, and is now sharing it with you.

Monroe Jett

Founder + CEO

Christine Jett

Sales Director

Tyler Sewell


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When you’re not an escrow company but you need title searches or commitments in your daily work, we are your automation answer.

Escrow software is costly and only does 10% of the tasks you need. They aren’t designed for you. We are, and we do everything you need.

Our users include Solar & Wind Developers, Real Estate Developers/Investors, Civil Engineering/Consulting Firms, Consultants to Energy Developers, Foreclosure Law Firms, Tax Lien Investors, Default/Trustees, Non-traditional Lenders, and more.