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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer yearly plans?
Right now, if you book a demo you get a free-for-life subscription. Soon, however, we will have 1yr, 2yr and 3yr plans, with significant discounts the longer the plan you choose.
What payment methods do you accept?
ACH payments and checks. No credit cards.
Can we order title commitments as well as title searches?
Yes. When ordering, select the underwriter you wish. Simple.
Do you have a setup cost?
Absolutely not. All plans are with no setup fees, and no hidden gimmicks.
Do you charge for title search reports and commitments?
Yes, we charge very competitive search fees. Residential search fees are set and commercial search fees & searches for commitments are priced by quote, per national standard.
What counties do you provide title searches in?
Nationwide. We provide title searches in all 3,300+ counties and municipalities in the nation. We have boots on the ground in all – we walk into all recorders’ offices if not online, even in online counties when the online records are incomplete we walk in the door and complete the search using their physical records.
Do you have a usage or volume cost?
Absolutely not. Other than fees per search, you have unlimited use of our platform.
Do you restrict the number of users?
Absolutely not. This means you get a big bang for your buck. Developers, managers and bookkeepers all need access so we give it to everyone with no limitations.

Happy Customers

Title Leader made it easy for us to expand into our next 3 states, they had all the dirt-knowledge we didn’t have.”
– OJ

We found the perfect way to get nations-class talent without having to hire it!”

We couldn’t stand our TATs any longer and Title Leader improved them from 7 days to 3 days.”
– DS
We left our off-shore vendor which was a nightmare. Cheap price yet totally inconsistent. It’s night & day with Title Leader.”
– CM