Benefits and Features

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Order Wizard

Makes sure orders are complete and accurate so you won’t unexpectedly waste time responding to emails from vendors & underwriters seeking clarification. It also insures you always get back exactly what you expected. No wasted money & time reordering.
Dashboard Recent Orders

Automated Tracking

Know with only a glance. Visual representation of every order. Easily scroll thru the orders boxes. Name orders so you never have to recall which number was for what project. Never hunt through inboxes or make phone calls again. Just know.
“Each developer on our 12-person team orders their owns searches & commitments, so this unifying of the process has been invaluable for us. I can see everyone’s title progress, and know at a glance if there are any issues awaiting resolution, so I can lend my help if necessary. Its great getting back searches so fast, in any state we’re working in, then get commitments later on. We’re getting NTPs month’s sooner than we used to.”
John Jennings

Director of Land/Title Operations

Actions Required

Dedicated window prevents critical items from ever being overlooked again. You get:

  1. Quotes – Approve faster.
  2. Notices – stay in the know about turn-time.
  3. Search-Interrupting Problems – Lets you start resolution immediately. Gets searches & commitments back faster, with added accountability. Never missing anything important again. Know exactly what has to been done.

Accounts Payable Heaven

No more Invoice Mess: Instead, automatic, 100% accurate E and PDF invoices, in one place. Auto-tracking of aging, paid and unpaid are all visible. No more reviewing for errors, omissions or duplicate invoices & charges, then emailing or calling to get corrections. No more wondering if an invoice matches the quote. Instead, enter Heaven.

No more Check Circus either – Let your bookkeeper login and pay any invoices that are due…with a click, leveraging ACH. Download a spreadsheet of payments and drag/drop into your payment system and say ‘Bye Bye’ to data entry. No more printing checks, envelopes, stuffing, sealing, posting nor delivery. No more stop payments either, nor performing the Check Circus again for a single replacement check. Or, download an invoice PDF and send it where needed. Enter Heaven.

All the features you want & more.

Process Features

  • All visible at a glance. Extremely usable design.
  • Orders, quotes, status, communication, A/P are date/time stamped and attach to each order.
  • Find anything in a few milliseconds, using any data from any field.
  • Upload order spreadsheets for 1,000 parcels & include all columns desired.
  • See Action Items at a glance. Know what to tackle next. Automated to-do list.

Reporting Features

  • Schedule recurring reports to be automatically emailed to anyone.
  • Always know who is productive and who is not.
  • Always know what problems have not yet been solved.
  • Stay in the know. Never guess or wonder about any title issue again.

Accounting Features

  • Automatic tracking of paid/unpaid & aging of invoices.
  • Never receive hardcopy invoices to review, collate & total again.
  • Canceled searches/commitments are instantly removed from invoices.
  • Automated invoices always match order quotes with 100% accuracy.
  • Pay invoices with just a click. Never print title checks again.