Automation for Residential Title Searches

Find Property Deeds, Liens, and Mortgages with Ease

Grow Your Company With Title Search Automation

When settlement service companies want to get things done, they use Title Leader’s SMART Dashboard™. Our property title automation condenses the entire title search process into a single, easy-to-use interface.

When you partner with our team you’re working with a company that truly understands the title problems that plague title companies and the industry at large. Schedule a demo today and learn how your company can reach a whole new level of profitability with title search automation!

Centralized Due Diligence

It’s not difficult to find a title report performed by a title vendor. What is difficult is finding a vendor that will do it accurately, skillfully, and efficiently.

Unlike other title-search services, Title Leader is more than just a search vendor; we’re an all-in-one service that automates your team’s entire workflow. With one-of-a-kind automation, our SMART Dashboard™ offers a scalable title automation solution for firms of all sizes in a simple-to-use interface.

Our advanced technology will give you access to the public records — like property taxes, liens on the property, land records, and other legal documents — you and your client need for peace of mind.

How the SMART Dashboard™ Works

From communicating with abstractors and uncovering tax liens to documenting the chain of title and invoicing, our SMART Dashboard™ offers results-driven due diligence. We make it easy for you and your team to navigate the 11 mandatory steps of the title-search management process.


Minimize Manual Tasks

Order, track, and receive searches for properties (both commercial and residential) with ease from country records across the U.S! Once completed, searches are consolidated into a PDF that makes it easy to view, download, or email your report with a click.

Streamline Your Workflow

Property title search automation can streamline your workflow, enabling you to quickly close one file and move on to the next. Built around Title Leader’s proprietary dashboard, automated title searches allow you to transform hundreds of hours of administrative work into active productivity.

With Title Leader, your team can put the search process on auto-pilot while they accomplish other revenue-driving tasks.

Leverage Newfound Efficiencies

Our SMART Dashboard™ allows you and your team to track all searches in real-time. Using the Workflow Snapshot, you can get a quick status check of every search at any time! Plus, our convenient email and text alerts will ensure you never overlook or misplace updates about your searches.

With Title Leader and the SMART Dashboard™ can solve problems you didn’t know you had!

Who Can Benefit from Automated Title Searches?

Title Leader was designed with law firms in mind. Our unique automation is built to benefit firms of all sizes – especially those that handle high volumes of title searches.

Whether you are a foreclosure firm serving tax lien investors or a real estate agent struggling to navigate the county recorder, your needs will be well-served by Title Leader.

Profitability Like Never Before

It’s time to take back control of the title search process. Contact us to schedule a free demonstration or create a free account on your own to try out the SMART Dashboard™ today!