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Title Leader eliminates hundreds of wasted hours spent manually title-searching by automating every step in the process, letting you and your team accomplish more than ever before.

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Increased Productivity

Without adding staff

Title Leader is a one-of-a-kind platform, designed specifically for legal teams serving tax lien investors who manage a high volume of title searches, and are dissatisfied with the frustrating, time-consuming process. Title Leader eliminates hundreds of wasted hours spent manually title-searching by automating every step in the process, letting you and your team accomplish more than ever before.

Title Leader provides benefits for every stakeholder in your company.

Which are you?


Title Leader will allow you to improve the quality of work-life through boosting morale by eliminating the constant, unavoidable headaches and aiding in the disappearance of a difficult, time-wasting series of daily problems. This will create “Bookkeeper Heaven” where your bookkeeper will free up from hours of profit-dragging waste, to concentrate on far more important tasks. This will give you the ability to eliminate backlogs that vacations used to create, in turn reducing employee-dread of returning to work through an easy to use system with almost no training required.

Admin Team

Through Title Leader you will be given the freedom from a historical source of employee burnout and the resulting turnover, by establishing a sense of accomplishment and pride, improving morale as well as the group’s value to the firm. You will be given the ability to reduce absenteeism and eliminate hundreds of wasted admin and bookkeeping hours and reduce employee conflict caused by the reduction of cumulative task-frustration. There will be no more disjointed workflow silos between individual teammates, resulting in higher productivity goals in less time and strengthening the sense of team.


Title Leader allows you to transform hundreds of hours from administrative work to profit generation. Title Leader standardizes the workflow, which means no more being held hostage by team members having their own unique, non-recorded methodologies. Any team member can pick up where another left off, with no issues. Title Leader’s report function lets managers see what work is being done by whom, improving your quality control methods. No more important tasks or information falling through the cracks. The SMART Dashboard is also incredibly easy to learn, so little to no training is required.


Your company will be able to reduce the number of under-utilized and over-utilized staff by using Title leader’s automation for your team’s heavy lifting, so you can grow volume without adding staff. This automation system will also allow you to gain scalability ease and transform multiple fixed-expenses like personnel, payroll taxes, occupancy, rent, and others into a single variable without hiring additional personnel. The company will then be able to reduce varying performance levels of employees in all 11 steps with standardized performance of centralized automation, leading to an increase in productivity and reduced overhead all while increasing net income. All of this will improve customer retention due to faster performance with a higher quality of work-product. 

Owner / Partner

Through Title Leader you will gain a more stable employee base with a stronger, more capable admin team to provide your firm with greater staying power. This will allow you to generate greater revenue and an increased reputation for sound decision-making among peers and within your enterprise, giving you a leg-up over your competitors. All of this will give you greater peace of mind, knowing your company is operating at optimal efficiency.

"I love innovations in our industry...

Title Leader created a remarkable new tool that will benefit our members immediately. I’m glad there are people out there making remarkable products like this."

Brad Westover

Executive Director, NTLA


What is Title Leader?

Title Leader is both groundbreaking software (workflow automation for your admin team) AND a national title search vendor.

Who is Title Leader for?
Title Leader is designed specifically for law firms who handle high volumes of title searches – primarily for foreclosure firms serving tax lien investors. However, any firm or title company needing searches of any kind, in any US county is well-served by Title Leader.
What is groundbreaking about Title Leader’s software?

It is the first-ever, real estate title-search management platform.  TL has automated all 11 mandatory steps of the title-search management process your admin team battles every day, in one easy Smart Dashboard™. This mandatory 11-step profit-dragging process has always been accepted as a series of significant pain points that “just comes with the territory”.  Not any longer. When your admin team uses Title Leader it will eliminate hundreds of wasted hours from its workflow. Now you can reallocate existing staff to accomplish other important tasks or grow without hiring personnel. Profitability through productivity, in an area never before possible.

How is Title Leader unlike other national title-search vendors?

A few search vendors permit ordering via data-entry of a search into their website.  This only benefits the search vendor as it transfers the data entry into their system…to you, their client. There are zero benefits to you and this system causes you more work. In stark contrast to this, Title Leader permits you to upload a spreadsheet of search requests then TL does all the rest for you, completely for your benefit. All 11 mandatory steps have been eliminated or automated for you, saving your admin-team hundreds of precious hours. 



What does Title Leader do?

Title Leader is the automation of all 11, mandatory, profit-dragging steps your admin team battles every day: Order, Track, Receive, Access, Store, Find, 2-Way Abstractor Communication, Invoice receipt, Invoice Review, Invoice Payment, and Reporting.  Using TL eliminates hundreds of wasted hours from your admin team’s workflow. Now you can reallocate existing employees to accomplish other important tasks. Now you can grow without adding staff. Profitability through productivity, in an area never before possible

Does Title Leader offer residential and commercial search?

Both, in all counties of all 50 states and D.C.

What is Title Leader's service area?

All properties (residential and commercial), all counties, all 50 states and D.C.

What is Title Leader's turnaround time on orders?

Most searches are returned within 24-72 hours, with some up to 5 days depending.  Depending upon the time of day we receive the order, variable hours of county clerk’s offices, how rural the property is and the complexity of the search.  Variances of state and client requirements for search types may affect search length and docs included.


Where are search results stored?

All search results are stored in the cloud, and not on your expensive space-limited network. No network-slowing hassles nor IT expenses that they create.  Instead, TL provides free cloud storage and 24-7 accessibility.

Are there limitations to accessing Title Leader's software?

24-7 accessibility from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.  No closing hours. Constantly updated in the cloud for you.

Is volume ever an issue?

No. We have our extensive network of abstractors vetted, prioritized and stacked, standing by to serve you with any volume level you require.  Our panel has been painstakingly assembled and our orders get placed in the front of the line due to our unmatched commitment to professionalism.  


Can I create reports?

Have auto-generated, recurring reports automatically produced and emailed to any decision-maker to keep them in the know.  Gain knowledge of your team’s performance you’ve never had before – know who is doing what on your team. Now your team can step up management’s effectiveness with TL’s empirical data… instead of biased, inaccurate, anecdotal evidence of who’s productive and who’s not.

What is Title Leader's pricing system?

No subscriptions, no user fees, no license fees, no user limits and no lock-out frustrations that such limitations can cause.  Just competitive fees, per search, so you only pay for what you use. For firms handling under 100 searches/year fees are available on our site’s look-up tool by state/county.  For firms handling over 100 searches/year, we provide custom pricing that is based upon your volume. Call 866-599-4900 now.


Are there user limits?

No! Say goodbye to frustrating lock-out issues. No costly subscription fees. No license fees. No per-user fees. No per-seat fees. Unlimited use to increase your productivity.


Is there a trial period offered?

Yes. You may certainly test us out with any quantity, but we recommend a full 30-days of searches be ordered, in a 30-day time span.  Why? So your team can truly experience the benefits TL provides, and we can make fine-tune adjustments for the guaranteed success of you and your team.  After assessment and recognition of your exceptional productivity and quality improvement, then ramp up usage to 100% of your volume in order to maximize all benefits to all stakeholders: End-users, admin-team, manager, company and partner/owner.


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